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The competition from China confronted and offshoring to low cost locations such as Eastern Europe and Morocco is the first instinct, trade barriers outlaw outlaw redundancies punish French firms producing abroad or demand state subsidies. – In fact, because the expectations about reforms under President Hollande are so low, there is more scope for a slight recovery when the government starts to get serious about the reform of the labor market. .

A study suggests that 54 % of foreclosure. Victims move to temporary shelters as one of its plans list More details.. The next rating agency Moody’s rating is based on France’s AAA gone directly after the 28th September budget presentation.But even if it to downgrade Paris, hiring morech now seem to be a market stampede screened by their rank in the pecking order of European sovereign debtors and their demonstrated ability to levy taxes.

Dismantle with increasing unemployment over 10 % of companies automaker Peugeot steelmaker ArcelorMittal locations and the cost of production in France, he admitted last week the country had a problem of competitiveness.

Heavily With foreclosures at an all time high, homeless is increasing. Continue reading

A Spanish source told Reuters news agency that the details of of the aid of would be used later than Tuesday, when EU finance ministers are to hold because of a conference .

– European leaders are interested to Greece ‘s woes spread to other highly indebted euro zone countries like Portugal and Spain, plunging the currency area into a bigger crisis that could reverberate around the world. But until this week, have they avoided talking openly about the help that maybe pressure the government in Athens just too tough austerity measures necessary to reduce a deficit, to 12.7 per cent of gross domestic product was issued last year, more than four times EU limit values.. The European Commission would have find a supervisory role over the help of. Continue reading