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And that, my friends, is The Upside.According to a recent Nielsen survey savvy recessionistas now at Dollar Stores shop. Wanting to be experienced, I went to the nearest Dollar Tree.

I found some bargains. At Dollar Tree, you can use four AA batteries for a dollar to get compared with eight at Albertsons for $ 6 That’s 25 cents per battery instead of 75. And LA Totally Awesome detergent cleaned my clothes very well, and I totally love the name.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is Circuit City. The rival superstore concept had to liquidate no other choice than two years ago. It was similar enough to Best Buy, ie the shareholders found naively applaud the move. With a less direct competitor, Best Buy would cash in the incremental traffic. Continue reading

The extra numbers could be even more important at a time when many in the government point to an overhaul of the Medicare and Social Security as the best hope for reducing the ballooning public debt. With the potential to add more older Americans to the ranks of the poor, underscore the need for continued, if not expanded old-age pensions as a government safety net.

About 14.3 % of people 18 to 64 or 27 million in poverty, compared with 11.7 % under the traditional measure. Many of the additional poor are low-income, working people with transportation and child care costs. Continue reading

It was IBM Global Tech services operations – including its tech outsourcing business – which drove this growth. As more and more businesses turn to outside companies to run their IT operations, with its mix of hardware and software capabilities, is required to of the of the list. And much of that revenue is recurring click here . IBM Global tech companies earned sales of $ 10, in the second quarter. By 11 percent over the prior year period Gross margins in these businesses were 34 percent on the previous year. Based on case studies, the report projects, that the objectives, the planning for sustainable tourism and develop a green economy other destinations term to excel, though green investment may initially reduce the economic growth in the short term, she says. Continue reading

Obama Orders For-Profit Schools to Stop Scamming Our Troops Want a Scholarship? Better clean up Facebook and Twitter Private School ROI: Is the high tuition fees Worth it?U.S. Funds fairly with customers?The last charge destructive devastating. ,, says The Wall Street Journal that ‘Goldman analyst stock tips at a gathering called to offer ‘ ‘urge trade. ‘But only a few of the thousands of customers who receive Goldman written research reports ever hear about the recommendations. ‘.

Goldman Sachs is the subject of much criticism lately. Congress and the Administration have attacked it for its rich pay packages. Some experts are concerned that their trading practices are too aggressive. There were a number of costs too close to too close to the New York Fed for the controller to be objective. Continue reading

To a WalMart employee with fee after fee will be zapped for using a prepaid card. Having his hard earned paycheck on it!To much much these fees add up each month, tested the authors of the study, three prepaid cards: The Wal-Mart Money Card, two kinds of the Rush map of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and the AccountNow card.

Do not pay $ 96 – $ 213 for your graduation announcements. Instead of cold impersonal messages in hopes of gifts, why not send heartfelt letter at attractive stationary anyone who supports or or emotionally by your college years. They are much more a little more support obtained in this way. Continue reading

Do not expect Romney to saveOf course, the presidential election a key a crucial role in the future of health care reform, as Republican candidate Mitt Romney has vowed to repeal Obamacare if elected. But unless the Democrats will not only lose the Oval Office, but also their majority in the Senate, Romney will not have the power to fulfill his promise unilaterally. And even with GOP control of Congress and the White House might be a Democrat filibustering minority in the Senate repealed will make a great challenge.

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Obamacare Tax: How effect the changes your incomeObamacare mythsMedicare Death Panels your wallet Socialism Small Business More Galleries from DailyFinance ___________________________________________________________Single filers can expect their withholding tax are by their employers by their employers , but joint filers have to pay additional taxes out-of-pocket because their respective employers do not know how much the couple earned a total.. Continue reading